NFHM Events are open

We’ve received the first flurry of NFHM Events added by various organisations:

  • NSW x 1 event
  • VIC x 16 events
  • WA x 1 event
  • Admin Template x 1 (irrelevant to everyone except the website administrator!)

I was thinking of an award for the State with the greatest number of events (apportioned by population of course – just to make it fair).

Make sure you check out your Events that are now online – unfortunately until we replace our website (after 2019 NFHM) you will have to make do with the same image on all events.  At least we’ve managed to change it from the image that appeared on all entries for the last couple of years, so some relief!

And at least I can have any image I like on the Blogs so between now and August I plan to do some blogs on some of the events that have been added to our website.  I’m not sure how I’ll select them but I’ll work out a way to make it fair to all.

Make sure you subscribe to our Blog so that you keep up-to-date with all things related to NFHM 2019.

If you are having problems adding an Event there are a couple of options – you should try them in this order!

  1. FIRST – Carefully read ALL of our Blog – NFHM 2019 Events
  2. Use the CONTACT US form to let us know you are having problems so that we can try to help.

NFHM – National Family History Month – is for YOU – the organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand jointly celebrating our wonderful world of Family History.